The Icebreaker Challenge!

I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan of #icebreakers! They can be quite stressful, especially for those that are shy or don't like speaking out it groups. Or in my case, if you don't have very good co-ordination skills when the icebreaker involves the random throwing of a ball as a part of the 'introduce yourself' process! Also, how many of us are sitting there rehearsing what we are going to say when it's our turn and not really listening to anyone else? I know there are positives, such as promoting a good group dynamic, using humour to reduce anxiety, and in certain settings they are absolutely the way to go. However, (after careful consideration), I don't use them. So if you are thinking of coming along to any of the sessions don't worry, you won't be asked to introduce yourself to the group or say why you are there or what you are hoping to get out of the session. Instead grab a cuppa and have a chat with others in the group at the start of the session or if you prefer take a seat and enjoy your beverage alone, no pressure, no #icebreaker challenge!


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