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What People Say

T. Gale 

The time to be able to focus on genuine relaxation was hugely beneficial.  I have taken away a lot of the techniques Sally shared and found them easy to use in day to day life.  Thank you Sally.

Julia B

The  mindfulness body scan helped me re-evaluate my perception of the chronic pain from which I suffer.   The meditation session left me with a feeling of deep peace and mental clarity.  

Sheila Dowton

A very enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Sally made us all feel welcome and comfortable.  Most importantly, I came away with some really useful tools that I have already been able to use and share with my family.  Thank you!

Jane Hodgkinson 

 Sally's warmth and enthusiasm for all she shares creates and atmosphere conducive to learning and participation . T

A. Gale 

Thank you so much Sally.  Attending your workshop has given me the tools to learn to self-nurture and recognise the value and pleasure of relaxation.  Such a wonderful way to spend a morning.